3D Printing Australia: Its Good and Bad

3D Printing Australia: Its Good and Bad

3D printing has changed Australia in so many ways. Few years back, businesses employ the traditional way of doing business. But today, with this technology, creating things that we never imagined before is now possible, thus changing the way how a business is done. But along with this, just like any other forms of technology, 3D printing also comes with advantages, together with its positive effects. Below are some of them

Positive and Negative Effects of 3D Printing

Positive Effects

Manufacturing Options:  The manufacturing selections will only become by your own imagination. Products can be fully customized.  Also, you can size and even manufacture a product exactly in accordance your own needs.

Rapid Prototyping: Products can be maneuvered more quickly starting from the design stage to the actual prototype.

Manufacturing Speed:  The speed of manufacturing a specific item increases dramatically.  Items can also be made from scratch in a shorter period of time.

Cost Reduction:  3D printing has undoubtedly become less expensive.  Printing onsite will cut out the middleman expenses. Through time, the majority of the population in Australia will have 3D printing technology in their houses that will greatly reduce personal cost.

Medical:  Among the many things that printing can provide us is customizable parts or organs. While the use of such is still in undergoing strong experimentation, the advantages are promising.

Safety Issues:  When making a prototype or a part, it is manually done? But when doing this, there is no guarantee that you won’t get hurt. But when using a 3D printer, there is lesser chances for you to get hurt.


Negative Effects

Fewer Manufacturing Jobs:  With all the new and innovative technologies that are capable of producing items mechanically, 3D printing helps reduce the need for people, as well as their craftsmanship. Due the reduction in the workforce, this becomes a disadvantage that has a great impact on the economy.

Limited Materials:  At present, 3D printers are only capable of manufacturing products out of ceramics, metals, plastic and resin.

Copyright problems: Due to the fact that 3D printing in Australia is becoming more popular today and more affordable, people may manufacture items with designs belonging to others.

Dangerous Items:

In most cases, people utilize the technology in order to enhance their life and fulfill their needs, there are some who will have the tendency to manufacture items that can be harmful or illegal such as guns.

Size:  Today, 3D printer is faced with a roadblock when it comes to size. By far, it can only produce small items and products. People are in search for bigger machines to build bigger objects as well.

Knowing the good and bad sized that comes with the technology is very important. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth to invest in 3D printing.


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