How to Find Quality Diesel Spill Kits

Diesel Spill Kits

Diesel Spill Kits

Diesel spill kits are integral accessories in facilities that have to contend with the potential of fuel spillage. Equipped with different components that are designed and manufactured to control and manage spills in any environment, these kits are important for health and safety, as well as meeting required industry prescriptions for facilities. Even individuals – such as drivers – are advised to keep a handy kit with them in case of untoward incidents. And to make sure that you have the right equipment for the right response, consider these factors.


Maximum Spill Capacity

Diesel is less viscous than other liquids, so your diesel spill kit does not have to have as big a capacity as you would need your other spill kits to be. Even so, it is important to make the right preparations for cleaning up diesel spills. To this end, make sure that you have enough in your spill kit to absorb the forecasted volume of the biggest spill that is possible in your premises. So when choosing suppliers for your diesel spill kits, always check the absorbency rates of the kits. Trusted resources such as Global Spill Control will even give you a demonstration to assure you of acquiring maximum value from the purchase.


Absorbing Materials

The specific absorbing quality of your diesel spill kit depends upon the type of materials that you have inside it. General purpose kits, which are coloured grey, are best for absorbing virtually all types of liquid spills, except for aggressive acids and bases. Other kits target absorbing hydrocarbons in and around water and chemical spills.

Aside from ensuring that your absorbents are suited to the type of spill that may occur, you should also look into checking whether they will have adverse interactions with your equipment or machinery. Some materials can damage the structural integrity of your suite of machines by wearing away surfaces or containing other corrosive properties.


Practical Training and Instruction

Finally, ask if your supplier offers comprehensive product training and specialised instruction in the proper and safe use of your diesel spill kits and drip trays. Reputable suppliers such as Global Spill Control will go the extra mile in ensuring that your team is well-versed in knowing what they need to in order to put the kit to its full functional use and your facility’s operational success. And remember that if you have any questions or concerns, relay them to your diesel kit supplier immediately.


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