How to Make the Most Out of Your ICF Construction Project

ICF Freefab

ICF Freefab

ICF construction is steadily being adopted for both residential and commercial projects, mostly owing to the advantages that the technology offers. The material design of ICFs, for one, makes it an easy material to install, which eases the process for many contractors and property owners. There are also numerous benefits associated with the material, such as energy efficiency, that justifies investing in ICFs in the first place.

If you intend to build with ICF for your next construction project, making sure that the project starts and ends successfully is of paramount importance. This is particularly crucial for those who will be using ICF for the first time, as there are certain things that have to be navigated properly to achieve quality results. Some of these are as follows:


Hiring Competent Professional Help

Employing the assistance of a quality ICF construction professional is important to getting maximum value out of your project. ICF adoption has seen a marked increase in recent years, but it is still considered to require niche knowledge, in most instances. As such, installers of traditional building systems may not have the specialised knowledge that ICF installation necessitates.

When choosing among ICF installers, look for:

  • An extensive scope of experience
  • Quality product offerings
  • Comprehensive product support and warranty

Choosing the Right ICF Type For Your Needs

There are two main types of ICFs for construction, and their main difference typically lies in just their sizes. Even so, choosing one over the other is beneficial for certain conditions. For instance, there are ICFs that have to be pre-formed at the factory, which means that they should only be used for projects that have had its specifications and technicalities calculated and established.


Following Proper Installation Practices

Similarly, the right installation procedures have to be followed to make sure that the product will perform according to its engineering. There are plenty of things that have to be taken into consideration to get this right, foremost of which is weather. Proper installation cannot happen during harsh weather conditions; in fact, installing ICFs under extreme heat may compromise the structural integrity of the material.


Getting Comprehensive Product Support

Finally, your warranty should be able to cover any untoward issue that may crop up during the lifespan of the product. If there are to be no problems, warranty should still be comprehensive enough to take care of the according preventing maintenance measures that will keep the material in good condition.


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