Importance of Preventive Maintenance for a Waterjet Machine

water jet cutting tool, Preventive Maintenance

water jet cutting tool

Waterjet machines are important in fulfilling a wide range of cutting needs, across various types of shops. From fabrication to machining, these pieces of technology are integral to ensuring workplace productivity by streamlining operational processes and boosting results. Additionally, they help significantly reduce costs by ensuring that part requirements are met and delivered within the projected time frame.

A facility that sees problems with their machines is therefore in danger of decreased functionality, compromised quality of results, and rising costs. And any smart facility manager knows that if those things can be avoided, time and effort should be well invested into avoiding them.

That is where preventive maintenance comes in. As its name denotes, this type of maintenance is aimed at spotting problems before they arise – and making sure that they do not escalate. It does both of these by:

  • Checking the condition of the machines and all its components to verify that everything is working well
  • Identifying issues, and subsequently making recommendations for repairs
  • Logging the number of hours that the machine and its components have been operated and measuring it against their expected life cycle; and
  • Ensuring that the recommendations of the manufacturer are followed.


In addition, preventive maintenance helps prevent costs involved in what could be a considerable repair job. For instance, the usual range for the operation of a waterjet machine is reported to be between $25 to $30. Without maintenance, this can go up, particularly if you have leaks or other forms of damage in your pumps and other components.

Maintenance also primes your machine for superior performance, according to your specific needs. If your shop requires running the machine at high pressures, for example, preventive maintenance ensures that consistently meeting that is possible, for every project. If components have to be replaced or repaired, a comprehensive plan will also take that into account and take care of it before it becomes an issue that impedes operation and contributes to downtime.

At Techni Waterjet, we are committed to guiding our customer base towards the full and functional use of their waterjet machines. We do that by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, which includes helping your facility design a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan that is customised to your needs.

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