Maintenance Tips for Bunded Tanks

Heating oil is great to keep the water hot and your home heated. But as soon as it gets to the watercourse or gets soak into the land, it could have serious negative effects for vegetation and wildlife. As a result, it is important for homeowners with bunded tanks to properly maintain their tanks to ensure that no leaks will occur. Accidents can happen anytime and unexpected problems could exist, but as long as things are well-maintained, the majority of things will be fine. Below are some tips in maintaining your tank.

Do Not Purchase Too Much Oil

It makes a lot of sense to purchase a lot of oil in times when the prices are low. However, doing so can lead to problems, especially when you are trying to maintain your bunded tanks. Too much fuel makes it easier to have an overflow situation or there will be higher chances for leaks to happen.

Regular Inspections

If you are living in a home with a bunded tank, you should know how important it is to implement weekly inspections on the tank. This may seem like a lot, but if you include it to your weekly tasks and do it the same time in a week, it will be a lot easier as it will become a habit. Checking the tank on a weekly basis can help identify problems before they become serious ones with bigger consequences and will need more money for them to be fixed.

Some of the things that you need to look out for are vandalism, damage, wear and tear, and dust and dirt formation. Also, you should not only inspect the tank, but you should give equal importance to the pipework and shut off valves. Do not miss to keep the bund lid locked whenever not in use.


Pipework Fittings Should be Tightened

A loose pipework fitting can cause a serious problem to your bunded tank. They should be regularly and visually checked. Pipework checks should be added to your weekly inspection task. Also, it is recommended to be checked by a qualified engineer like a boiler technician or plumber on an annual basis.


Clean its Interior

It can be challenging to make sure that the interior of the tank is clean, especially if it used constantly. For example, you can’t shut it down for a long time if you want to empty it and do your cleaning. But whenever you can, cleaning its interior will make a great difference in how efficient your tank will be. Sludge builds up within the tank, regardless of what you do, and this is the kind of sludge that should be removed.

It is a must to not dare do this work on your own as it can be dangerous. Make sure that you have a qualified specialist with you who has long years of experience and has the right equipment for the job. Doing this by yourself can put your life at risk, so better have someone who knows exactly what to do.


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