Practical Applications Of 3D Printers

3d printers

A few years ago, printing possibilities were only limited to doing so on paper and the best technological advance was the ability to print in a multitude of real-life-like colors. 3D printers would then have been considered something out of star trek or a technology to come in the far distant future. However what seemed impossible has now become possible and the technology is now found in offices and slowly making its way into households.

maxresdefault (1)3D printing works by use of inkjet technology and fine powder such as glass, resin, and even plastic are used to create 3D objects by use one layer upon another. Many individuals have found the practicability of using this technology in their fields of expertise. Below are some examples of how this technology is used in various fields.

Engineers use the printer to print 3D prototypes of products they are making. These prototypes are often used to give a group of investors an idea of what the product will look like as well as its functionality. Before the advent of this technology, the engineer had to hire people to create paper pieces of the prototype and this would take weeks.

Architects are another lot that does enjoy using this piece of nifty technology. They use it to create mockups of the designs from their computers in a short time with amazing accuracy. The models help to make it easier to visualize the design rather just looking at figures on the screen and drawings as well as plans.

The medical field is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the printing revolution. Some surgeons use the 3D renderings from the printer to conceptualize and prepare for a complicated procedure in order to ensure that no mistakes occur. This type of preparation helps in saving lives as the doctor has a good idea of what they are likely to encounter and significantly reduces any mistakes by a huge percentage.

Forensic investigators are now using 3D printing to save lives and solve crimes by recreating scenes. They have used this form of technology to get accurate results that have proved a tremendous help in solving current and cold cases. CSI is one of the popular TV shows that demonstrate the practicability of printing in crime solving.

3D printers have allowed the human mind to have limitless creations that can be brought to life. Also available are ‘home kits’, which can be fun to play around with at home. They are also used in the manufacture of hearing aids and action figures.

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