SEO Services and Choosing an SEO Agency You Can Trust

Choosing an SEO Firm that you can trust may be easier said than done.  Many these days calling themselves SEO’s are nothing more than charlatans, just because they’ve read a few SEO forums and have completed an ‘online certification’ no more makes them an SEO than me sitting in Macdonalds every week makes me a hamburger.

Still many do call themselves SEO experts, how do i know this?  I’ve done the SEO for hundreds of so called ‘SEO experts’ on a white labeled basis in the past, who if you believed their websites were SEO experts but the truth is most had no clue at all.  So don’t believe everything you read on an SEO firm’s website.  You could try using professional SEO software and see what sort of results you get.

Ask for proof of their SEO results, if they are a good SEO company they should easily be able to produce dozens of recent results from clients that they have been able to achieve on their behalf, get a good look around their website and go and visit them at their offices (if they’ll let you).

When choosing an SEO Services Company its really important to get it right, don’t fall for SEO pretenders who don’t know much more about how to rank your site than you do.  Get a professional SEO company to carry out your search engine optimization.


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