Vacuum Sealers: External vs. Chamber

Vacuum Sealers: External vs. Chamber
Vacuum Sealers: External vs. Chamber

Vacuum sealers have been around for quite some time, but many people who may not know about them. These machines are used to not only preserve food, but to protect it as well. Before you make a purchase of a vacuum sealing machine, here are a few things you should know about them, starting with the different types of sealers on the market.

How Vacuum Sealer Works

Vacuum sealers are versatile packing machines, designed to pack different food items. If you noticed in the grocery store, you can see food items such as raw meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, potato chips, and so on, packaged this way all the time.

Vacuum sealers work by removing 99.99 percent of the air inside the pack, preventing bacteria to survive and cultivate. With potato chips, on the other hand, the natural air inside the pack, which includes oxygen, is removed, and then replaced with nitrogen, an inert gas. In the case of potato chips, removing 99.9 percent of the air is not done because it would damage the product since potato chips are so fragile. That is why the air in the pack is replaced by an inert gas instead.

You may find two main types of vacuum sealers: the external and the chamber vacuum sealers. Both machines are used to vacuum air out of the pack or sealer bag, but they have different purposes. They are used for a variety of different food and other products.

External Vacuum Sealers

External vacuum sealers are both use at home and for industrial packaging. With this type of vacuum sealer, you will have to place your food item or product in a sealer bag and simply place the open end into the sealer. The sealer will vacuum the air out and seal the open end. This prevents air from entering again in the bag. This type of vacuum sealer is not recommended for packing delicate products like the potato chips because this sealer has no capability of replacing the air with an inert gas.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers are commonly used machines for industrial packaging. The same with external vacuum sealers, chamber vacuum sealers still use sealer bags, but the process of packaging is quite different.

With a chamber sealer, the food item or product is placed in a sealer bag. Then, the entire bag or package is placed inside the chamber sealer. The sealer then vacuums 99.9 percent of the air inside the chamber, and seals the bag at its open end. Then, the atmosphere inside the chamber is then returned back to normal. With a chamber sealer, you can also remove the air inside the bag and replace it with an inert gas. You can also adjust the amount of air vacuumed or removed from the chamber, as needed.


Vacuum sealers can be very beneficial for home use and industrial packaging. Both external and chamber vacuum sealers have they own advantages. The right sealer for you always depends on what you will use it for.

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